I am writing to you first to say thank you, and to express my satisfaction to this useful and powerful work tool which is Kolortrak. I am in this field for more than 30 years now, after working as an professional engineer for some 15 years.

Compared to another popular investment working tool that I had been using in the past, Paltrak, I have found that Kolortrak provides a very good capability of identifying a good investment fund within its category, and/ or family. I do much appreciate being able to create and compare different portfolios. And, within a few clicks, improving them.

Finally, I have found that those videos much informative. They refresh in me some knowledge that , with the time I guess, I tend to forget.

I am pleased for having subscribed Kolortrak. Once again, many thanks to both of you, Daniel and Guy, for your diligent supports provided, and, please keep up with the good work.

Best regards,

An D. Chung, B.Sc.A
Financial management advisor